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Taut Body is a community centered around health and wellness and living your best life. We are here to help you evolve from wherever you are, weather advanced in your fitness journey or just beginning. We offer live and online fitness classes, teacher training, retreats and entrepreneurship and life design workshops.

Are you sick of stagnating and feeling stuck? With your weight…With your Health…With your Diet…With your career and maybe even life in general…

If so, we can help.

There are many programs that promise you a 6 pack in 6 weeks but the plan is untenable, life -sucking and completely unrealistic for your lifestyle. I mean come on, we all want to look good but we don’t want to have to hibernate and have no fun while attaining 5% body fat (if you are aiming for 5% body fat, by the way, you have come to the wrong place.)

The good news? Your dreams are possible. Health, weight loss, more energy, and looking and feeling good and a life you adore. If you want to be inspired just head over to our testimonial page to read about people just like you, who have changed everything! http://tautbody.com/testimonials/

Our goal is to give you effective and safe workouts and food prescriptions that work fast and don’t waste your time. If you are sick of complicated diets with a million ingredients, supplements, and disgusting protein shakes, then we have something in common. If you are tired of workouts that don’t change your body and want something fun and crazy effective, Taut Body is your kinda hangout both live and online.

We utilize barre based workouts, high intensity interval training (HIIT), body weight training, TRX training and stretching to achieve a balanced program for your mind and body. We also offer nutritional counseling to complement your physical training.


Amy Selbach is the founder of Taut Body studio and the creator of Taut Body fusion workouts. She is a certified Pilates instructor, personal trainer, barre instructor and holistic health counselor. Prior to focusing full-time on fitness and health, she was busy working long hours and traveling non-stop for work. In fact many of these workouts were developed in hotel rooms and in public outdoor spaces and can be done anytime and anywhere for your convenience.

For years fitness and health were a passion and side hobby, but she wondered if she would be happy out of the business world and giving it her full time attention. Since founding Taut Body in 2013, she has never looked back. Prior to founding Taut Body, Amy Selbach worked for almost 20 years in international sales and marketing, strategic communications and branding. She has literally sat on all sides of the table in corporate, agency and media environments. She has worked in sectors from technology to non-profit and from Fortune 500s to start-ups. She has lived and worked in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe devising marketing and communications strategies for both countries and companies. She has interviewed over 100 heads of state and international CEOs for investment promotion reports in 12 emerging markets. Amy turned to consulting in 2005 when her work took her to Indonesia following the 2004 tsunami relief effort for an international non-profit. Her other passion is aiding the transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship. She has worked for 12 years developing workshops, marketing courses, events and speaker -series that help small business owners get started.

Amy’s hobbies include anything that takes her outdoors like hiking, surfing, and skiing. If she has to stay indoors, nothing is better than music, a notebook and a great read. 


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