Our Philosophy

We believe that awesome health is available to everyone regardless of age or your genetic predispositions.  Everyone can have a taut, toned, lean physique with a little hard work.  We also believe the journey to health should be fun…So don’t throw away your champagne glasses just yet.

Taut body really has a double meaning and perhaps the second meaning is even more important which is teaching and learning as an evolutionary process how to be a better version of yourself. Exercise is about finding inspiration, vitality, life force, energy, empowerment and gaining confidence.  A byproduct is that you look and feel better. Our clients have lost a ton of weight but I try never to focus on calories or working off what you ate the night before.  We want this to be more about; Could you do that push-up last week or hold that pose for 30 seconds?  We encourage our clients to see tangible progress in building strength inside and out, and shedding baggage inside and out.

While the name for the fitness studio is Taut body, it is more taut, mind, body and soul and even taut business.  We give nutritional and lifestyle counseling in person and online, host retreats and workshops for women entrepreneurs or those wanting to make a lifestyle change. Taut Body has become an amazing community for all kinds of evolution related to health and wellness.


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Village Market Shopping Center
Nairobi, Kenya

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Tel: +254 0701053738

Taut Body Fitness Studio in Nairobi founded by Amy Selbach