Taut Body Online "Comeback" Program

I’ve been there; Working long hours, traveling non-stop, feeling guilty for dedicating time to fitness when you should be home with your family, totally unable to prepare anything healthy on the go, then reaching for anything that crosses your path, realizing your hadn’t eaten yet that day.

After having a baby you thought you would get back to your old routine quickly, but then another week passed and then another month and you still just couldn’t find it again….your routine or your energy. Sound familiar?

And then….the longer the weight stayed, the harder it was to get rid of! And then… it started to seem impossible to lose.

Finally at your wit’s end, you COMMITTED: You tried a new diet for two whole weeks and the scale didn’t budge, then you tried a new exercise program for almost a month (but you really only made it a couple times a week) and you actually gained weight. You tried jogging, but you really hated it. You tried yoga but the scale didn't budge. You found yourself dying of hunger every time you actively tried to lose weight, even though it felt like you were eating MORE than normal (but healthy).

Do you REALLY want to change your body once and for all? Are you serious this time? No more messing around!!! You have made the commitment, but now you feel lost. Where do you start? You know you want this, BUT you need guidance. You need someone to give you a plan to follow, a road Map!

Well this is where Taut Body Online can help! This program has literally helped hundreds of women lose weight without strict dieting or working out for hours a day. Many who have never even liked working out say they now have found their “soul mate” program and actually look forward to exercising (a feat they had never imagined possible)!

Not only that, because these workouts are so efficient and effective and can be done in under an hour from the comfort ANYWHERE really…. your home, a park, your backyard, you save life’s most precious commodity-- TIME. You can even add young children into your workouts by using a stroller as your support in our Barre based workouts instead of a chair.

Here's What You Get

  • 9 Videos various lengths from 10 to 45 minutes
  • One 45 minute personal nutrition session with Amy to evaluate your Diet and get recommendations personalized to YOU. (An over $100 Value alone) PLATINUM PLAN ONLY!
  • 60 Page E book with a full diet plan and recipes.
  • Time Saving Magic Shopping List


  • Accelerator Tools Checklist to help with faster weight loss
  • A workout schedule
  • Access to our private Taut Body Goal Getters Facebook Group where you can connect with our community to share goals, wins and ask questions


I've lost a total of 10 kgs since I started taking classes but more importantly, I feel so much healthier and stronger. I'm way more toned than I was before and I have finally made it back into my pre-pregnancy clothes - except this time, they fit even better 🙂 I have never been very good at following diets so when I started the Taut Body Program I didn't make any dietary changes. When Amy launched the 90 day challenge, I decided to cut sugar and wheat from my diet. I noticed a big difference towards the end of the challenge. Since then, I've gone back to my regular diet but I am now more conscious about the choices I make and try to choose healthier foods.

Aleeda Fazal, Technology Executive

I have made lifelong friends at Taut body. The sense of community is unmatched – such a true sense of camaraderie as we all work out together and build each other up. I truly look forward to every workout. More than the physical results – and the lovely compliments I started to receive from colleagues at work – was the confidence that came with it. The feel good factor really does exist! My self-esteem has really improved and I find I am a lot calmer. Going to Taut body has really brought discipline in my life and I find I cannot get enough of it!

Karishma Thethy, Attorney, United Nations

At aged 54 now two years back I was battling with weight and hormones even though I did not over eat and have always been fit and healthy, walking, gym, zumba was not making me lose those few kilos but I saw Taut body and decided to sign up. Fabulous! I lost 4 kilos and felt fitter then ever and just love coming to this studio. I have got a number of friends coming so always fun to have a well deserved cuppa after! So here I am three ears on loving every routine I go to and trying my best to keep up with all you young fit lovely ladies!!!

Sharon Gent, Entrepreneur and Designer

I lost 33 pounds in 3 months with Taut Body classes 5 to 6 times per week and only loosely following the Taut Body diet guidelines. I definitely have more energy and I think a better attitude. And physically a lot of changes – more definition in my legs and arms, stronger core. In total I think I have lost about 16kg. But the biggest weight loss has been since starting the challenge. And it hasn’t been hard work at all – I have enjoyed every part of it.

Robyn B., Australian diplomat

Barre has transformed my body like no other workout. It’s hands down the best I’ve ever done.

Liz R., U.S AID leadership consultant.

Amy, I honestly can’t thank you enough for your amazing energy and workouts that have really helped me to live a better, healthier, and more active life! I owe you a lot.. I remember initially noticing the changes in my waist and hips… and I was starting to fit into clothes I hadn’t been able to for quite some time. After incorporating some of the TRX work into my workouts, I began to notice muscle tone and strength that I had not noticed for a long, long time. I also realized my running was getting stronger as my core was a lot stronger. For me, I noticed an increase in confidence and strength. Confidence in that I learned to really appreciate the post baby body I was now with – and that by working out smartly and consistently, I could turn that bodyinto a strong and energetic body! The best part was the instructor (Amy) whose energy was beyond contagious and who was super motivating – and who I truly believed was enjoying what she taught. I was hooked from that moment!

Barbara T., U.S. Diplomat

I became much stronger and leaner but not bulky.” I love Taut Body classes.  I love Amy’s energy and the fact that each class was different and challenging.  I took barre classes at two different studios over the summer (in New Jersey and Maryland).  In Maryland, the class routine was only changed every three months and was boring /repetitive.  At the New Jersey studio, I was only able to take two classes, and while they were good classes, I didn’t find them as challenging as Taut Body.  I love the warm up at Taut Body- which is a workout in itself.  I also loved the ab and barre work and felt that every time I took a class, I got an amazing workout.  There was NEVER a class where I felt that I wasted time or didn’t burn enough calories or challenge myself! I have since moved and miss Taut Body so much!!!

Jessica N., Diplomat U.S. embassy

I lost the stubborn last 10 pounds in just 5 weeks! I feel incredibly confident!  I never wanted to be one of those moms that was too embarrassed to wear a swim suit and swim with her kids- now I’m actually looking forward to going to the beach this summer!

Lauren G. , Public health advocate for Africa


Video and Nutrition

  • 9 Videos various lengths from 10 to 45 minutes
  • A Diet guideline to follow with a sample menu
  • Time Saving Simple Shopping List
  • 60 Page e book with diet plan and recipes
  • Accelerator Tools Checklist to help with faster weight loss
  • A workout schedule
  • Access to our private Taut Body Goal Getters Facebook Group where you can connect with our community to share goals, wins and ask questions

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