“I have experienced numerous changed from doing Taut Body classes such as weight loss, clothes fitting differently, strength benchmarks liking planking, push ups, holding positions and stamina. I have also noticed a significant change in specific body parts. My core is much stronger and the shape of my legs changed dramatically!”

~ Daphne V.

“Amy, I honestly can’t thank you enough for your amazing energy and workouts that have really helped me to live a better, healthier, and more active life!  I owe you a lot.. I remember initially noticing the changes in my waist and hips… and I was starting to fit into clothes I hadn’t been able to for quite some time.  After incorporating some of the TRX work into my workouts, I began to notice muscle tone and strength that I had not noticed for a long, long time.  I also realized my running was getting stronger as my core was a lot stronger. For me, I noticed an increase in confidence and strength.  Confidence in that I learned to really appreciate the post baby body I was now with – and that by working out smartly and consistently, I could turn that bodyinto a strong and energetic body!  The best part was the instructor (Amy) whose energy was beyond contagious and who was super motivating – and who I truly believed was enjoying what she taught.  I was hooked from that moment!”

~ Barbara T. -U.S. Diplomat

“I am now entering my third year as a Taut Body client.  I have found Taut Body to be the most efficient exercise regime that I have every experienced. I have a demanding job and two small kids so I don’t have a lot of time and want my workouts to count. I started going to Taut Body three classes a week in 2013 and after just one month saw the results- more definition in my arms and abs, and legs.  In fact, my dress maker noticed a decrease in my waist size over just 4 fittings!  I had a hectic 2014 and couldn’t keep up with my workout due to travel but I was amazed that the muscle tone really lasted and now that I am back with Taut Body for a few classes – it doesn’t take much to get the shape back.”

~ Meghan G.

“It was the weirdest thing – I was very skeptical about any results. I had tried spinning…and noticed my thighs began to bulk up – awful, after all that work! When I first joined Taut body I was worried the same may happen, but oddly enough I started to notice results almost immediately – my stomach felt a little flatter and thighs a little firmer. And this was literally after ONE WEEK!  More than the physical results – and the lovely compliments I started to receive from colleagues at work – was the confidence that came with it. The feel good factor really does exist! My self-esteem has really improved and I find I am a lot calmer. Going to Taut body has really brought discipline in my life and I find I cannot get enough of it! It started off as a new year’s resolution and now it’s a commitment to myself and something I can do for me and me alone! The physical results are purely a bonus! The instructors are brilliant! Why didn’t I discover Taut body earlier?!!”
~ Karishma T. -Lawyer for the United Nations

“I became much stronger and leaner but not bulky.” I love Taut Body classes.  I love Amy’s energy and the fact that each class was different and challenging.  I took barre classes at two different studios over the summer (in New Jersey and Maryland).  In Maryland, the class routine was only changed every three months and was boring /repetitive.  At the New Jersey studio, I was only able to take two classes, and while they were good classes, I didn’t find them as challenging as Taut Body.  I love the warm up at Taut Body- which is a workout in itself.  I also loved the ab and barre work and felt that every time I took a class, I got an amazing workout.  There was NEVER a class where I felt that I wasted time or didn’t burn enough calories or challenge myself! I have since moved and miss Taut Body so much!!!”

~ Jessica N. Diplomat U.S. embassy

“At aged 54 now two years back I was battling with weight and hormones even though I did not over eat and have always been fit and healthy, walking, gym, zumba was not making me lose those few kilos but I saw Taut body and decided to sign up.  It was fabulous! I lost 4 kilos and felt fitter then ever and just love coming to this studio.  I have got a number of friends coming so it’s always fun to have a  well deserved cuppa after!  So here I am two years on loving every routine I go to and trying my best to keep up with all you young fit lovely ladies!!! ”

~ Sharon G. entrepreneur/furniture designer

“I lost the stubborn last 10 pounds in just 5 weeks! I feel incredibly confident!  I never wanted to be one of those moms that was too embarrassed to wear a swim suit and swim with her kids- now I’m actually looking forward to going to the beach this summer!”

~ Lauren G. Public health advocate for Africa


“I lost 33 pounds in 3 months with Taut Body classes 5 to 6 times per week and only loosely following the Taut Body diet guidelines. I definitely have more energy and I think a better attitude. And physically a lot of changes – more definition in my legs and arms, stronger core. In total I think I have lost about 16kg. But the biggest weight loss has been since starting the challenge. And it hasn’t been hard work at all – I have enjoyed every part of it.”

~ Robyn B. Australian diplomat

“Amy, Just wanted to let you know you are a FAB instructor/motivator.  No other workout has given me such great results so fast!”

– Kristi

“I cannot stop telling friends about Your ‘ barre ‘ classes….finally a work out where results show just after 3 sessions….classes are dynamic and addictive! Love the fact the after several classes I can do more BURPEES.  Can’t wait to get back into my barre classes. Thank you for introducing us to Barre!”

– Lisa

“The mantra “no pain no gain” couldn’t be more apt. After having 3 kids I longed to feel stronger, for a better posture and to actually have tummy muscles and to find that “core” people keep talking about. After each of Amy’s barre classes I can feel a change; I have more energy, more suppleness and finally a core developing!”

– Vic A.

“As a newcomer to Nairobi, joining the Taut Body studio was one of the best things I could have done. It is more than just a fitness studio, but also a real community of supportive people and I have made some great friends. As a pretty active person, the barre classes were an amazing new challenge! Absolutely saw results in toning my legs, arms and core, and a real improvement in posture too. And as a bonus, they’re fun!”

– Devon M.

“Amy’s classes has altered my perspective on strength training which was that strength training just builds muscle that turns to fat when you stop training and it’ll never help me lose weight. Only after doing Barre with Amy did I understand how important it is to work on all your major muscle groups to strengthen, tone and lose weight. My role models are in my barre classes and are 55 plus and stronger and fitter then I am!”

– Kirat

“Barre class at Taut Body was the perfect workout to get back in shape after the birth of my son. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun, but the technique allows you to push yourself to your personal limits in every class. Thanks You!”

– Kaarli

“The saying no pain no gain is so true to Barre. the pain was excruciating but the gain was exhilarating. I saw amazing changes to my body shape two weeks into doing barre. I can now wear the clothes I bought on honeymoon 7 years ago, before having to children.
I could never do a press up before and now after doing Barre i have the strength to do push ups and pull ups.”

– Rajul

“After 4 babies, including twins, exercise has been a challenge for me. After about a month of being in barre classes, I saw my body become toned and firmed in areas that I have always struggled in. I have so enjoyed the camaraderie of the other class members, and Amy is approachable and teaches a fun and expertly led class.”

– Lilly

“Barre has transformed my body like no other workout. It’s hands down the best I’ve ever done.”

– Liz

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